Are You Frightened of the Dentist?

Cudworth Dental Sedation Centre is a general family dentist that specialises in treating nervous patients. Using advanced techniques all patients can benefit from the various forms of sedation that our dentists have been trained to use which can help patients through their dental treatment.

We are accredited by NHS England, the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry and the General Dental Council as a highly regarded Dental Practice with the expertise to treat nervous and phobic patients.

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About Dental Sedation

Going to the dentist is an experience that causes many people to feel anxious at best and for some people it fills them with terror! However at Cudworth Sedation Centre we understand this and that is why we make every effort to make your visit to us as comfortable as possible. We take great care to help you overcome your worries which you may have concerning your oral health and treatment.

Many years of experience in dealing with anxious patients has taught us to adopt an understanding, respectful approach to our patients, listening to your concerns carefully with interest. Once your fears have been established we are very confident that with our advanced, calming sedation techniques we can relieve your fears and help you to benefit from high quality dental care.

At Cudworth Sedation Centre we are passionate about family dental care and prevention of disease. We are determined to ensure that we offer you the best advice on how to look after your mouth and keep future treatment to a minimum. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

So relax and let us do the worrying, let our caring team look after you......

Who Will Benefit From Conscious Sedation?

• Patients who are very anxious about visiting the dentist
• Patients that dislike the noises or smells which accompany dental care
• Anyone who has a history of bad dental experiences previously
• Anyone who has difficulty going numb with normal injections
• Anyone with a strong gag reflex
• Anyone who is afraid of needles in the mouth
• Patients with sensitive teeth
• If you prefer to have treatment completed in a single appointment rather than multiple visits
• Patients receiving complex treatments or surgery
• Patients who have jaw joint troubles and cannot open their mouth for extended periods

Are the any reasons why conscious sedation techniques may not be used?

We are able to treat most patients with conscious sedation techniques, but there are some medical conditions that may contra indicate the use of a particular approach to treatment. To determine the most appropriate sedation method for you we will always schedule a consultation appointment first to carry out an examination and answer any questions you may have. At this time we will review your medical history to confirm that you are eligible for treatment under sedation, and to discuss the best technique for you.

Information for Referring Dentists

Please find below the latest version of our sedation referral forms (NHS and Private). If you have a patient that you believe would benefit from having their dental treatment at Cudworth Dental Surgery under sedation then please send us their details on the relevant form by post. We will then contact your patient and carry out the necessary treatment as the patient wishes. On completion of the treatment we will write back and return the patient to you.

We would like to ask that you kindly include any relevant radiographs, especially if extractions are required.

The criteria for an NHS referral is as follows:

- You are a referring dentist from a dental practice in Barnsley
- or
- Your patient lives in Barnsley (has a Barnsley postcode)
- The referral is for extractions and/or simple fillings only

And please note:

• The waiting list for NHS sedation referrals is considerably longer
• Complex restorative cases / endodontics can only be accepted on a private basis regardless